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About this Item: Paris, Michel Unaufgeschnittenes Exemplare uncut copies. Seller Inventory A. More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Published by P. About this Item: P. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3.

Published by Albin Michel. About this Item: Albin Michel. Soft cover. Condition: Fair. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. SUIVI de commande en ligne. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Published by Albin Michel From: librairie Lire et Chiner Colmar, France.

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Les 3 volumes. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Couverture souple. Condition: Bon. Pas de jaquette. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Published by Albin michel From: crealivres La fontennelle, France. About this Item: Albin michel, More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Published by Paris, Albin Michel, , About this Item: Paris, Albin Michel, , More information about this seller Contact this seller 9.

From: arobase livres Perpignan, France. More information about this seller Contact this seller Michel, , About this Item: Albin Michel, Nombre de pages: Reluctantly, Delacruz leaves Charita with Marisa, at the same time meeting Dr. Marco and Tanya during the daylight hours both wearing dark sunglasses indoors. Marco makes an attempt to dominate Delacruz through a handshake but is unsuccessful.

As the sun sets, Delacruz is tricked into going to the old chapel where he is attacked by the hunchback and the dwarf. Seeing the young man getting the better of his servants, Dr. Marco intervenes and repeatedly uses his ability to render himself invisible until gaining the upperhand and ejecting Delacruz from the grounds rather than killing him and risking a police investigation. Delacruz immediately goes to the police but it is still having trouble convincing them that Dr.

Marco is up to no good. The padre arrives to view the latest blood-drained body in the morgue.

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Momentarily alone with the corpse, the police chief is attacked after the dead man suddenly grabs his arm. At the old chapel, Marisa finally reveals to Charita who she really is in the presence of Katrina who is lying silent and immobile on a lab table. Marco and the others arrive on the scene and the aristocrat plants a post-hypnotic suggestion on Charita to come to him when Bazzra the bat servant calls on her. Marco wrestles with his lust for Tanya versus his love of Katrina.

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Half-crazed from lack of sustenance and the horrible realization of what she is becoming Katrina attacks her own mother for blood. Marco pulls them apart and substitutes his own neck deciding the heart transplant had better take place that night. The padre manages to snap Charita out of her trance and she rapidly brings everyone up to date. What follows is another unique twist whereby through the power of prayer, Marco and Katrina are temporarily freed of their evil — briefly enabling them to walk in broad daylight but the beneficial effect is short-lived and they soon revert back to what they were.

Katrina, weaker than ever, needs more blood requiring Marco to give her his own in a transfusion while the hunchback stalks more young girls. Marco evokes Bazzra and Charita is soon on her way to the villa as well. The evildoers flee into the jungle with Charita but Delacruz is able to reveal their hiding places with the help of a flare gun. Charita is rescued. The hunchback is killed during a struggle. The remaining vampires are held at bay with more flares and torches.

The abandoned Tanya commits suicide with a flaming stake and Katrina is mercifully laid to rest.


The second film, Curse of the Vampires aka Creatures of Evil is referred to as a sequel to The Vampire People in some reference works. Beyond a similarity in themes plus the re-use of some of the same cast Amalia Fuentes and Mary Walter and sets the ornate gate to the villa is easily recognizable from the earlier film, Curse only bears a vague resemblance to its predecessor. In glorious color, a U. Also seen is the again, annoyingly dubbed half-wit servant. This time, the servant remains un -vampirized unlike the hunchback bloodsucker in the first movie. Stealing a few moments for themselves away from a large social gathering taking place in the house of the wealthy Don Enrique , Daniel seizes the opportunity to propose to Leonora.

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Their privacy is disrupted by the horrible cries of a woman in pain. Thinking he is on his deathbed, Don Enrique inexplicably decrees that all his wealth be disposed of and the house be burned to the ground to the amazement of his legal heirs, Eduardo and Leonora. Finishing with the legal matters, Don Enrique dismisses all but the padre. He then shares with the clergyman but not the viewer what is really going on. Upset about being cut-out of his inheritance, Eduardo demands an explanation.

In fact, the real monsters are later proven to be Don Enrique and Eduardo.

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Naturally, Leonora is unhappy with the negative outcome but her father offers no explanation. The trembling Consuela is found chained to a wall as Eduardo attempts to make clear the situation to an understandably distraught Leonora. Leonora, realizing that the family curse would continue through her bloodline, breaks-off her engagement to a heartbroken Daniel. Sequestering himself in his room for days, Leonora observes the sudden change in her brother. Finally, overcome with the lust for blood smashing mirrors and doing other things a vampire might do , Eduardo disappears into the night.

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Pursuing Consuela into the misty jungle, Don Enrique and the half-wit struggle with her and are finally forced to stake her the servant impales her with an old wooden fencepost. Thinking the worst to be over, Don Enrique returns to the house only to be killed by Eduardo now a full-fledged vampire. Thereafter, Daniel and Eduardo come to blows but Leonora intervenes when her paramour seems to be getting the better of her brother he was about to run the scoundrel through with a pitchfork.

As a condition of sparing Eduardo, Daniel is able to extract the truth from Leonora.