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Pierced by a Sword: A Chronicle of the Coming Tribulations

Pierced by a Sword 4. ElTomaso on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago I absolutely loved this novel on the struggle of humanity against evil, and how truning to Mary can help tremendously. I did not like the derogatory comments about certain types of people; God is love not hatred, irregardles of who you are. I would have given 5 stars if there had been no belittling comments made about certain of our brothers and sisters who don't fall into the mainstream of society.

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After reading this book, nothing else I have even attempted to read on the Marion theme, has measured up to this standard setting work! It begins with a post-tribulation "flash-forward" into a period of great peace on the Earth, then returns to roughly the present time where the world is rapidly approaching a one-world government and a new form of persecution of Christians.

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Chet Sullivan. I found the story enjoyable. The two primary strengths of the book were its solid theology which incorporates scenarios based on prophetic messages from approved Marian apparitions and its utterly positive and hopeful "feel" throughout; I don't think the reader ever questions whether or not good is going to ultimately triumph. On the more critical side and as mentioned by others this is not "great literature" as one might consider works by Dostoevsky or Michael O'Brien--yet I hasten to add, if the purpose of reading the book is for enjoyment, thought provocation, and edification in one's Christian Faith, then "literary greatness" is not intrinsic for a good read.

The second item which I offer more as an observation than a criticism relates to one of the strengths I identified; though I do believe "hope" will be a critical virtue to cling to as we enter into these difficult times, the vileness of evil will no doubt be much darker than portrayed here, there will certainly be a great deal of ambiguity requiring incredible if not supernatural prayerful discernment, and the temptation to despair will be immense. Considering the author's ministry, I believe this to be a conscious choice on his part, as perhaps most of the "Catholic Fiction" audience is more concerned with fidelity to the "thinking of the Church" than blatant realism.

I would recommend this book especially for the new and just-about-to-be-new Catholic, as well as the young Catholic reader I can see where it would be great material for discussion between parents and their adolescent children. I think especially the brief images of the prophesied "Era of Peace" are incredibly heartening, and provide a much needed dose of encouragement and hope in light of the difficult times--both those we that live in and those that are to come. Fast paced with a "catholic" edge and message, but easy enough to read to keep both teens and adults interested.

Guest More than 1 year ago This book brought me comfort and a realization of what I needed to change and focus on in my own life. I carry its messages always in my mind and heart. Please take the time to read this beautiful and inspired book. A book for any Catholic, young or old. The characters become close friends, and seem real, perhaps they are like your friends. The best thing is that the publisher is a non-profit Catholic apostolate and gives many books away for free.

Don't be discouraged if you can't find a copy of the book easily! Guest More than 1 year ago I highly recommend this book to anyone. It showed me that a great book can be written that portrays good people that actually live the faith they believe in.

Pierced by a sword

Father Chet Sulivan A fast-talking young priest from New Jersey with a penchant for getting into trouble. Tom Wheat The foremost U.

Pierced With A Sword

Can Wheat reach the country in time? Lee Washington A drug dealer from Cleveland, living in the fast lane in L. Will he keep his appointment with Our Lady? Pope Patrick A no-nonsense Irish Pope who drives his own car and travels in disguise, unaware that there is a bounty on his head Order Now More Info. Pierced by a Sword moved me so much that I wept. I was so excited I took it downstairs to read certain passages to my mom and dad!

Then I urged my best friend to read it. The themes come right out of my own life. I love it! I don't read many novels and I had low expectations.