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The book offers new insights into the means and modes of wielding subtle forms of policing power in the contemporary world, and points to the importance of music in organizing the social world. Innovative Publisher of Academic Research. Items [ 0 ] Account Logon. This book deals with the intersection s between music and emotion, and how police officers in a major Australian metropolitan police department draw on this intersection to wield subtle power over the policed community.

As is indicated throughout this work, each of these arenas has been singularly the subject of anthropological attention.

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The intersection between the three has also been visited; Qureshi , Adorno Stokes and Abu-Lughod to name but a few have explored the ways in which the musically affective, or the affectively musical, have been involved in the exercise of power. Anthropological forays into each of the three topic areas comprising the intersection I am interested in exploring in this book have created domains enriched by scholarly argument, by starkly opposing positions, and by rapidly growing bodies of literature.

Romanelli, an emotionally disturbed year-old man, was shot twice, in the back and chest, after stabbing an officer who'd come to his door on Viau St. The shooting followed a standoff in which Romanelli barricaded himself in his home. Saskatchewan Prince Albert. Piche brandished a knife near an officer and was shot. Shot in the head while kneeling to be handcuffed on St. Laurent Boulevard. Suazo had been picked up on suspicion of shoplifting a pair of jeans.

The officer said his gun went off by accident. A police ethics commission investigation finds Station 33 officer Michel Garneau guilty of improper use of a firearm and suspends him for 45 days. A coroner concluded the death was accidental. Anthony Dudley George. Ontario Strathroy. Kenneth Deane was eventually convicted of "Criminal negligence causing death" but served no jail time.

Suleman was shot after a car chase as police tried to arrest him on robbery charges relating to a carjacking. Detective Robert Wiche was charged with manslaughter but the charge was later dismissed at a preliminary court hearing. Barnett was shot while wielding a sword.

Stole two handguns and fired at the owner.

After police arrived on scene, she returned and fired another round. Police officers returned fire. Newfoundland Point May. Benteau was shot by an RCMP officer during a domestic disturbance. An unfired Glock pistol was recovered from the scene.

Annamalai IPS the real singam of karnataka police

Officer cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the SIU. Williams suffered from schizophrenia. He approached officers holding a knife. Was shot nine times after he reversed his car into a family of five in order to escape police. Yu was shot by a police officer after wielding a small hammer on a bus. A fight broke out between the Romangulo family and the police after they were attempting to arrest one of Tony's sons for criminal threats.

Officer Martin claimed that the father and one of the suspect's brothers, Rocco, were attempting to gain control of his gun. He then fired his sidearm at both of them. Harley Timmers, a carjacking suspect, put an officer in a chokehold, and the officer shot the suspect.

Timmers would die two days later in a Vancouver hospital. Engdahl had a knife and in his hands and was shot by Regina police. Musaka, carrying a sick infant and armed with a pellet gun, was shot after he took a doctor hostage in a Toronto emergency room.

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Alberta Pincher Creek. Otto Vass died after an altercation with police outside a downtown Toronto convenience store.

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The medical cause of death was cardiac arrest due to acute mania and excited delirium. Four Toronto police constables, Robert Lemaitre, Phillip Duncan, Nam Le and Filippo Bevilacqua, were charged with manslaughter, and were all found not guilty of the charge. Reid was shot in his yard when he threatened an officer with an axe. Power was shot while armed and acting aggressively, outside his mother's home.

Officer used force against Berg while arresting him following a home invasion; Berg died in hospital two days later due to his injuries. The officer was acquitted of abuse of authority in the incident. He got into his truck and initiated a vehicle pursuit. The pursuit ended in Wakaw , where shots were exchanged between officers and McMillan. One K9 dog was killed in the incident.

Vernon Crowe was eating at a soup kitchen when he had an epileptic seizure. Ambulance attendants asked members of the Regina Police Service to help restrain Crowe when he began another seizure, police believed he was intentionally fighting and pepper sprayed him, forced him face down and cuffed his hands behind his back, complicating the seizure and leading to his death by asphixiation. Keyvan Tabesh, an year-old Iranian teen, had been driving around the city behaving erratically and wielding a machete in a threatening manner.

After a police vehicle blocked his car in a cul-de-sac, Tabesh and one other occupant exited the vehicle and ran towards the responding officer. Tabesh was holding what the officer perceived to be a wood-handled weapon of an unknown type and was shot and killed.

Police officer who killed Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge is fired

Bellon shot and wounded an officer with a shotgun. Reodica was shot three times by a plain-clothes Toronto Police officer.

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Person shot by police. SIU investigations deemed action justified. Reid shot by police. After firing at his wife and missing, Brookes grabbed year-old Regis and held her hostage at Union Station. After negotiations stalled, he was shot by a police sniper. British Columbia Vanderhoof. Shot three times during a pursuit. An officer claimed that he fell down and shot at St.

Arnaud three times as he was advancing on him. However, other witnesses, including the officer's partner, stated that he stood up and fired. Arnaud was not armed at the time of the incident. Officer was not charged as he was cleared in an investigation by internal affairs. Matthew Dumas was shot by a policeman while carrying a screwdriver, in which the police interpreted as being a lethal weapon. Murder suspect Ucal Lauzon was shot by police after brandishing a knife towards them. British Columbia Houston. Ian Bush was shot by a police officer after punching and attempting to choke him.

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Shot twice by an SPVM officer after Bennis allegedly attacked them with a knife for no apparent reason. Nova Scotia Forest Glen. Gregory, who was armed, was shot by an RCMP officer. The shooting was found justified by authorities. Boyd, an animator who worked for Cartoon Network, allegedly swung a bicycle chain after he hit an officer. He was shot a total of nine times [45].