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When we are in a negative mindset we allow the stress and problems to be bigger than they need to be, costing us money, time, and life energy that could be used toward your creativity or for making money and finding new products or services to assist others. The truth is we all need someone else to listen to us, give us strength when things are not going well in our business or lives. I know from my own life that I have always been taught to pull myself up with my own bootstraps, but frankly right now I can see that everyone needs some moral support to combat the massive amount of negative news about the economy and our future.

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I want to remind you that you have the ability and the obligation to yourself and your future to simply change the channel and watch or listen to information that entertains or uplifts you. You do not have to allow the poison of fear to be programmed into your mind or environment.

For all of you who are parents, you must step up to the plate and not allow fear to rule your life and affect your children. Your job is to be conscious and seek out people who uplift you and materials that inspire you to be the Champion that is inside of you! Being a Champion is a decision you must make for yourself.

I know you do not want that feeling for yourself or your loved ones! So ask yourself right now: Am I a Champion or am I a victim?

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Untamed Success Coaching will help you transform your journey in life and business to one of ease. It will help your true Champion to come out, the part of YOU that is strong, honorable, creative, curious, courageous, persistent, open-minded, logical and intuitive, as well as optimistic and willing to do the right thing to get the job done!

Click here for more information on Untamed Success Coaching. Your coach,. See what some of my Coaching Clients have to Say below:.

Lee Milteer is utterly brilliant at communicating complex concepts in clear, actionable terms. A true master ofhersubject matter, she can take you from whatever degree of knowledge and implementation currently have and painlessly move you to much higher levels of understanding, competence, and performance.

Little did I know I just needed the right model to emulate—and Lee fits the bill!

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